Stand up. Show up. GLOW UP! 🌟

How are you advocating for play in children’s lives? 🔊

What opportunities are you providing for children to play freely? 💫

Are you going to be the person who will 🌟 GLOW UP 🌟 or 💥BLOW UP 💥 children’s brains?

We don’t need talk: we need action 🙌

✅ We KNOW play is the BEST way for children to explore, investigate, experiment, create, understand and simply be and take joy in their world
✅ We KNOW that a lack of free, true play leads to stress, overload and anxiety – especially around the concept of school as a happy place to be
✅ We KNOW that as professionals we have influence on parents and families, law makers and the general public – so we need to educate ourselves with the latest research and SHARE it, confidently, with conviction, as a whole group of leaders

Do you know WHY you do what you do in your work with children? Look deeper 👀 Uncover your biases and beliefs 🤔 Reflect on your practice and know better so you can do better so you can BE better ❤️

If you want to be part of this action, START TODAY 🗓 in saying #YESTOPLAY 👍

If you are up for the challenge or just want to know more about how to do this in the real world of your classroom, send me a message! 📧

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