Play-Life Balance: Gratitude

Last month I wrote about how we should strive to have a play-life balance – interweaving play into our work day so that we can reap the benefits while still doing our jobs. One of these playful activities you can do either on your own or with the children/staff/families that you work with is a […]

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Time for Self-Care

“But I don’t have time for self-care!” ðŸ˜©ðŸ•’ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This is the number one reason I hear from teachers I coach about how hard it is to practice self-care. Time is always an issue for everyone, not just educators. We always feel like we never have enough to do all the things we need (want?) to […]

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BE The Play

I’ve had a lot of new visitors to The Play Coach recently so I thought I would re-introduce myself and let you guys know what I am bringing to the table. The quote above explains my manifesto for adults to support children learning through play. If it sounds like something you want for the children in […]

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Happy 1st Birthday!

As you can see, The Play Coach started writing long before the idea came to me this time last year. That’s right, The Play Coach is one year old today!! 🎂🎉 A lot has happened in the past year, here are some highlights – check them out if you missed them! 💫 June Play Challenge 30 […]

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Love Is All You Need

Today is my wedding anniversary! Paul and I have been together for a total of thirteen years now (what?!) and four years ago we flew from England to get married in New York City. Eighteen months later we flew from England again to live in Arkansas for Paul’s work. A LOT of stuff has happened […]

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