This has been tough for me to write, it’s taken me all week but here we go.

I am currently engaging in a very difficult time in terms of my mental health. I had a panic attack on Monday that resulted in about four hours of high anxiety, stress, shame and letting other people down (and of course, letting myself down to really just give myself that extra kick!) I knew I had to go to the doctor and talk it through, luckily I was able to be strong enough to do this and I now have a plan of action to help myself.

However, it’s never that easy. For the rest of the week I have not been sleeping or eating properly. I have been having trouble with my breathing. I have had a constant headache (still do). I have been putting off tasks, avoiding thinking about the future and telling myself things that are simply untrue.

Now that the weekend is here, I am decompressing and specifically giving myself time to work on my thoughts. I am not my thoughts. My thoughts are a separate entity from me. Thoughts cause feelings. Feelings cause actions. Actions produce results. Change your thoughts and you can change your results without having to change the circumstances you are in.

This is HARD WORK. But I’m going to keep going. This too shall pass. Take care of yourself peeps ❤️

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